About Gladius

GLADIUS is a dynamic new company,

registered in Piraeus, Greece. Its primary focus is to provide the best & cost effective solutions to the most demanding end-users, both private companies as well as governmental organizations.

Despite of the fact that GLADIUS is a new company, its members and partners are very well experienced and esteemed, having been active in the market with considerable proven success and results for far more than a decade now.

GLADIUS’ main strategic advantage is that we have gathered all this experience and knowledge throughout the years and so, we are in the pleasant position to be able to discuss along with our clients in detail about their specific demands and specifications and after careful consideration, provide them with the best solution for them, no matter if it is something ready and existing or even a specific tailor made solution to meet specific requests, using also our sister companies. GLADIUS can deliver smart, creative and cost effective solutions for medium and large corporations.

We must add that we always give our full commitment in creating long-term relationships, as we have done so far, which means we take an individual and honest approach to each client, for getting the best mutual outcome from our stable and transparent cooperation.

We trust and value all our clients, independently of their volume or the volume of our mutual project. We build our relationships based on mutual understanding, respect and discretion, the keys to a successful present and future!

Constantly investing in human resources and expertise, GLADIUS seeks to continuously improve its competitive position in the Greek market, by implementing major projects and building long-term relations of cooperation.

Our vision in GLADIUS is to develop and successfully improve our company, to provide excellent services to our customers, to operate and develop our network in accordance with similar companies’ standards in developed countries and to ensure the maximum satisfaction of our customers, employees, partners and the community in general.

The corporate culture of a company is known to have its roots in philosophy and it manifests itself through the principles that have been passed on from the founder of the company to its employees. Our own principles in GLADIUS are moral integrity, traditions and customs of the company, commitment to practices that abide to the existing law, but also our personalized way of action in the market.

Corporate culture is an extremely important element in the successful execution of a business strategy, especially with its inviolable element, which is the total satisfaction of our customers.

GLADIUS focuses on sustaining near future growth and endeavors to maintain its extrovert profile, establish new markets for its products/services, expand its partnerships with leading System Integrators, leverage its expert know-how in surveillance and security systems and introduce new innovative systems.

GLADIUS, among other products & services, is a provider of state of the art applications, turnkey solutions, and expert services in:

Integrated Security Solutions for Metropolitan & residential areas, Critical Infrastructure, and Industrial and Military facilities.

Command & Control Applications and solutions for Emergency Response Agencies and Homeland Security Authorities Services related to the Operation, Administration, Service and Maintenance of installed systems.

Value and security printing solutions for government institutions, commerce, industry, and the service sector. We offer solutions for safety labels, sealing tape, adhesive seals, badges, overlays, and identification documents.

Patrol boats, fast interceptors, and general-purpose guard ships. Search and Rescue boats (SAR boats), which are unsinkable and self-righting.

Cyber intelligence systems, Surveillance and reconnaissance systems, network centric information systems, intelligence gathering systems.

Border and perimeter security systems, Remote controlled systems, Space and satellite based defense capabilities and homeland security solutions.

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